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Shepherd’s Inn & Calvary House

The variety of its ministries makes CLCI about opening our doors and the door to Jesus to families in need. To that end, our motto is “Every Room Ready!” We want to be ready for these families, will you help us? Is there a fit with our strategic vision and target populations and those of your church?

“Every Room Ready!”

Volunteer Connection

Does your Church Key Fit?

First, we’d love for you as an individual and for your church to make a commitment to pray for CLCI and the families we serve. Second, we’d love for you to roll up your sleeves and get involved. Here are some ideas...Visit our Volunteer & Donation Page.

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Important News

CLCI is able to offer respite, relaxation and meals to families caught up in the criminal justice system; and to victims of personal and public disasters. We also sponsor a Juvenal offender Christian Camp.

Christian Life Crisis Intervention

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For  a list of Contacts, Directions  and map visit the Contact Us page.


To make a Donation to CLCI, Shepherd’s Inn or Calvary House visit our Donations Page.

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Shepherd’s Inn

We will be Open:

Sept 21-23

Oct 5-8

Oct 19-21

Oct 26-28

Nov 9-11

Nov 21-25

Dec 7-9

Dec 21-25

Dec 28 to 30

We will be Closed:

Sept. 28-30

Oct 12-14

Nov 2-4

Nov 16-18

Nov 30-Dec 2

Dec 14-16

Dec 31-Jan 17

Online Reservations for Shepherd’s Inn is Currently Unavailable.

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By Phone: Please call and leave a message  at 409-548-5886. Email/voicemail does not Confirm that a room will be available, A Confirmation Call/Email will be returned within 24 hours.