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Shepherd’s Inn & Calvary House

We are in need of dinner plates, plastic silverware, styrofoam cups for cold drinks, syrofoam cups for hot drinks, napkins, paper towels, small and large baggies, foil, small and large  tin baking pans, these items are used each week for our dinners. Call 409-736-3980 for more information.

Paper Good Donations

During those time when we do not have a church feeding us on Saturday night the staff and families help prepare the meal. We also provide  food that the families can cook themselves, if you would like to make a donation of (non-expired)  food items call 409-736-3980 for more information.

Food Pantry Donations

We are in the need of volunteers to help with cleaning the common areas, halls  and quest rooms each week. We all need help with picking up and washing dirty linen and putting out clean linen in each room. If you would like to volunteer call 409-736-3980 for more information.

“Every Room Ready” Cleaning Crew

If you are a Pastor or a local church member and would like to help Minister to the families of CLCI and its Ministries please call 409-736-3980 for more information about training, and how you can share the Word of God, and helps other accept Jesus in to their hearts.

Ministering to the Families

We have total of 38 rooms. There are 130 twin bunk beds, 4 full size beds, & 2 queen beds.  We are in need a new matching  sheets and blankets, curtains/rod, blinds, towels sets, and oscillating fans. Other new/gently used working household items, appliances, automobiles, furniture are welcomed. Call 409-736-3980 for more information.

In-Kind Donations

We are in need of bathroom, kitchen, floor and all purpose cleaners, brooms with dust pans, mops, toilet paper, small bathroom trash bags, large kitchen trash bags (professional size), toilet plungers, kitchen sponges, dish soap. Call 409-736-3980 for more information.

Cleaning Supply Donations

Guidelines & Rules for Volunteers

Monetary, Time, Goods, and Service Donations

Ministry Support, Volunteers & Donations

CLCI Ministries are funded by monetary donations by our quests at Shepherd’s Inn, local and state churches, and businesses. If you or your company would like to support CLCI Ministries Please click our Donation Button for more information.Donate

CLCI  Ministry Donations

Every Saturday Night at 6 p.m. Shepherd’s Inn provides Dinner to the guests. If your church or Sunday School class would like to sign up to provide a dinner, monthly, quarterly or annual, please call 409-736-3980 for more information.

Saturday Night Dinner & Devotional

We are in need a professionals in the fields of plumbing, electrical, walls and flooring, appliances, construction, roofers, air condition and heating, and lawn care. If you have professional experience to help keep Shepherd's Inn repaired and would like to donate time or supplies call 409-736-3980 for more information.

Building & Property Maintenance

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Contact Information

For  a list of Contacts, Directions  and map visit the Contact Us page.

Volunteer & Donation Important Annoucments

Volunteer Application

Please complete the  Volunteer Application and a staff member will be in contact with you. Thank you.