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Shepherd’s Inn & Calvary House

A place to stay while your group provides community service & ministry to others

Youth & Adult Mission Groups

The Youth & Adult Mission Groups can stay at Shepherd’s Inn during their missions trips and conferences. Youth & Adult Mission Groups are encouraged to volunteer in the community. Groups are required to abided by Shepherd’s Inn Guidelines.



How you Can Help

CALL us to arrange a tour of our facility. We can accommodate up to 150 people. We have a commercial kitchen, dining hall, two sit-down areas, ice machines, laundry area, within 5 minutes of here there is a mall, grocery stores and eating places.

DURING times of disasters, we will need our church families to volunteer at Shepherd’s Inn in various areas, such as answering phones, cooking, laundry, donations, at time just to sit and listen, car rides to and from church services and etc...

THROUGHOUT the year, we will house chaplains, NOVA teams and mission groups, so the need for volunteers will be great, especially in the laundry and cleaning rooms areas. Please call and arrange a time to help

HOLIDAYS at Shepherd’s Inn are very special as they are at your own home, please remember Shepherd’s Inn when you are buying food for the Holidays.

AND talking of the holidays, we were so excited when churches responded to the need to help decorate Shepherd’s Inn.

WOULD you like to book your Sunday School group/Church to feed us on a Saturday us

Donations are needed to keep this ministry going. Would your church pray about putting Shepherd’s Inn in your monthly budget?

Guidelines & Rules Disaster Relief Groups

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Please read our guidelines & rules before making a reservation.   

Downloadable Application form for youth & Adult Mission groups.

Downloadable Background Check Form for Disaster Relief Groups.

Downloadable Statement of Release for Disaster Relief Groups

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